GM Claims Volt Owners Seeing up to 1,000 Miles Range without Filling up

General Motors says owners of the Volt are driving up to 1,000 miles (1,610 kilometers) before they need to fill up. “A sample of our early Volt customers suggest that they drive 1,000 miles before they fill up the gas tank,” Tony Posawatz, vehicle line director for the Chevrolet Volt, told Bloomberg news.

However, the official driving range of the Volt, measured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is much smaller than the GM executive's claims. The Volt's electric-only driving range is 35 miles (56.3 km), with another 344 miles (553.6 km) possible as the gasoline generator kicks in. The combined range therefore sits at 379 miles (610 km), way below the claimed 1,000 miles.

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RS Academy Takes Delivery of First BAC Mono Sports Cars

If you took an interest in the BAC Mono single seater sports car, then you may want to check out RS Academy’s programme as the as the UK-based track-driving car club announced that it has just taken delivery of the very first production Mono sports cars for its members.

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New Audi Q3 Baby SUV: First Official Teasers Revealed Ahead of Shanghai Auto Show

Audi has revealed the first official teaser sketches of its Q3 ‘baby’ SUV model, prior to its world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month. The drawings confirm the Q3 will look pretty much like the Cross Coupe quattro design study unveiled by Audi in 2007.

However, the front end of the production Q3 seems changed in comparison with the aforementioned concept, with the headlights sporting a thinner, stretched shape and being mirrored in the lower side of the bumper by the spaces for the fog lights.

At the back, the car looks similar to the concept, with the exception of the tailgate window angle, which is not as inclined as on the Cross Coupe quattro.

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Find of the Day: Aston Martin One-77 up for Sale in Dubai

If there’s one place in the world you’re sure to find the rarest and most exotic supercars up for grabs, it is Dubai, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates. And it is here that we find one of the most talked about hypercars, the Aston Martin One-77, being offered up for sale by luxury car dealer Alain Class Motors.

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